March 28, 2011

Canadian Federal Member of Parliament / International Cooperation Minister Beverley Oda (a/k/a Bev Oda) and "a Government"

Committee recommends Harper government be found in contempt of parliament

by Joanna Smith

As originally posted on:
March 21, 2011

OTTAWA — A House of Commons committee has passed a report recommending the Conservative government be found in contempt of parliament.

The historic move by the Commons procedure and house affairs committee could lead to a non-confidence vote, which could bring down the government and launch a spring election.

The report, just a dozen pages long, concludes the government is in contempt for refusing to disclose the full cost estimates for its anti-crime legislation, corporate tax cuts and its plan to buy stealth fighter jets.

The committee is also considering whether to find International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda in contempt for misleading MPs on her decision to deny funding to a charitable organization critical of Israeli policies.

This is the first time in history that a government has been found in contempt.

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