April 02, 2011

The System

Anne Tompkins: Tyranny's Whore

by Larken Rose

As originally posted on: TMDS Blog
March 29, 2011

Is there any limit to how stupid statist propaganda can get? There doesn't seem to be.

In the modern vernacular of the U.S.S.A., wanting to be left alone makes you a "terrorist," while wanting to meddle in everyone else's lives by way of the violence of "government" (a la Emperor Obama) makes you a "progressive, concerned leader." And unfortunately, it seems the American public, for the most part, mindlessly agrees with and repeats such idiocy.

As a sickening example, twelve colossal morons (also known as a "jury") recently declared one man to be a criminal, for having had the gall to mint silver coins, and suggest that people should trade with silver, instead of with the crumbling "dollar." No, what the man did was not immoral, or fraudulent, or even against the stupid "laws" of this stupid "nation," but it is against the interests of the international banking cartel, which owns Congress and all its little mercenaries ... like Anne Tompkins.

Anne Tompkins is a U.S. Attorney, appointed by Emperor Obama, who prosecuted Bernard von NotHaus of the "Liberty Dollar." In a statement about the case after the conviction, the evil Nazi jackass - I mean, "public servant" - characterized what Mr. NotHaus did as trying to "undermine the legitimate currency of this country." Those who understand anything about currency will see the amazing irony in the comment. For everyone else:

1) The "official" system of counterfeiting run by the Federal Reserve, with the blessing of the maggots in Congress, is about as illegitimate, in every way imaginable, as a currency could possibly be.

2) Being a fiat currency, the counterfeit monopoly money we use is perpetually "undermining" itself. The only way to undermine a currency that is backed by nothing is to print more of it - which is exactly what the Fed does all the time, and what the guy being prosecuted never did.

3) Precious metals are "legitimate" currency - and the only legitimate currency around. You can't delegitimize what is already illegitimate by doing something legitimate. (Duh.)

But wait, it gets better (or worse). Anne "Goebbels" Tompkins then went on to describe this alleged "undermining" of the fraudulent counterfeit currency system as a form of "domestic terrorism." Yes, she said that. So trying to trade using a medium that isn't completely fake and bogus makes you a terrorist, whereas defrauding and enslaving several hundred million people via large-scale counterfeiting and credit fraud - and crashing an entire economy in the process - counts as a "legitimate" type of currency.

But just in case Fuhrer Tompkins might still have had any competition for the Fascist Sock-Puppet of the Year Award, she added that, although such "anti-government activities" (trading in silver) "do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country."

Ms. Tompkins, please do the world a favor and go play in traffic, you braindead, soul-less fascist pig. Whether she was stupid enough to believe what she said, or whether she was just hoping the public is stupid enough to believe it, she is, in every sense of the term, tyranny's whore. (Sorry if that wasn't "civil discourse.")

Think I'm being too harsh? This parasitic swine worked hard to put someone in a cage (for how long remains to be seen) for doing the only thing that had any prayer of saving the economy of this country: trading without using the counterfeit, fraudulent rags cranked out by the Federal Reserve. And then she claimed that real trade, using a real medium of exchange, poses a danger to the "economic stability" of the country, and constitutes "terrorism."

Want to hear about a real example of terrorism? A while back Fuhrer Tompkins' happy little underling thugs did a paramilitary invasion of the "Liberty Dollar" offices, and stole millions of dollars in silver and gold, belonging to many different people. (Many people held certificates for the silver and gold that was held in the "Liberty Dollar's" vaults.) That's called armed robbery. And now the federal fascists are trying to steal it permanently via "forfeiture" proceedings in court.

There isn't an insult bad enough to describe Ms. Tompkins and her fellow thugs, kidnappers, robbers and terrorists (at least, not an insult I want to publish here). The fact that she is an "official" terrorist and thief, that her theft and kidnapping is labelled "legal," and that she was just "doing her job" like a good little fascist, doesn't make her actions any better than the common thug on the street. (Hitmen for the Mafia are also just "doing their job.") In my book, Ms. Tompkins and her fellow federales are one step lower than the average carjacker because they hide behind the excuses of "law" and "authority" to commit their evil, while pretending that they bear no personal responsibility for their actions.

Ms. Tompkins, YOU are the terrorist, YOU are the one destroying the economy, YOU are the one undermining and attacking everything decent and noble, even if you're too damn stupid to realize it. And if you're ever unfortunate enough to try to victimize someone who resorts to violence as quickly and as often as you and your fellow jackboots do, you will deserve the fate that finds you, you Nazi bitch.

Oh, and have a nice day.

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