March 24, 2012

"The Usury Banking Economy"

Usury Lament and UsuryFree Option

by Tom J. Kennedy [a/k/a "Tommy Usuryfree Kennedy"]

The following verse was originally posted on The UsuryFree Eye Opener ( on March 23, 2012.

The flaw of usury was designed to steal
Your property and the money that you earn.
Lies, deceit and deception are keys to this unscrupulous deal.
Your mortgage, personal and auto loans you’ll learn
Are backed by your collateral, indeed you risk a lot.
While the bankers risks so little, ‘cause with blue ink he simply pens
The amount of principal to create, BUT the usury he does NOT.
In this way, the banker steals money that he never lends.
It’s true that banking corporations are a legal invention
Created by the rich to prey upon the poor.
With qualities and powers not even in possession
Of any free will, flesh and blood man, that’s for sure.

There is now a collective will to take back the powers
As we-the-people confront the usury banking economy
We are creating a usuryfree option that trades hours
Empowering we-the-people, locally, nationally and globally.

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