April 16, 2012

The System

Death and Taxes

by "Paradox"

As originally posted on: Revolution of the Mind
April 7, 2012

What are my taxes paying for? I think that people should have a right to choose what their taxes pay for, because as it stands, mine aren't doing a damn thing for me. Think about it: tax money goes out to things like jails, government bailouts, police, municipal systems, and roads, among other things. Unfortunately, I look outside and my streets are full of potholes, the cops I pay for still harrass me and people like me without reason, and the law still seeks to turn me into a commodity. How, you ask? Well, for example, why are all of these trivialties like having a bag of weed, cursing in public, or even jaywalking being turned into exorbitant fines? Does a person smoking outside a train station, parking in a space that doesn't have the right markings, spitting on the ground, peeing on a tree, or not having their seatbelt on deserve to be charged insane amounts of money because someone out there waved their finger and said "No no no" to it? What is wrong with this country that we not only suffer from our oh-so-benevolent government, but pay them with our taxes to continue doing so?

Now, I know that taxes also pay for things like libraries, education, emergency services, and the like. Problem is, under the current regime, funding to all of those things is being drastically cut, the government preferring to spend its money on things like both our foreign (soldiers) and domestic (cops) military, war, murder, buereaucrats' pockets, lobbyists, Congress, the Senate, and other things of that kind. Why the focus on violence and not the direct benefit of the people? Well, if you recall, this country was founded on a few basic principles: the slaughter of entire races of people, slavery, tobacco, sugar, cotton, and the concept that a small minority of people and their families should be the ones to own all of the land that is now America (look up "manifest destiny."). It is not unnatural, then, that in a time of distress, America's government returns to its instincts.

However, I do not want my money paying for the illness that is the US government's agenda. Federal Government, I have one request of you: let the people choose where their taxes go. You claim to want the best for the people of the United States, but most of us believe that where you're spending our money is wrong. If you would stop dictating what we need like some self-righteous parent and listen to us, then we might be able to get somewhere and make positive progress. We don't want you using our loved ones as the world's police, with your 662 reported military bases all over the world. We don't want our gas prices to keep rising. We want to be able to start businesses without fretting over ordinances and such. We want to be able to buy US made products. We want food to be healthy, not chock full of chemicals and such that corporations like Monsanto create for us to consume. And all in all, we want fair, unbiased treatment in all things, regardless of gender, age, color, or orientation. What we really want is freedom, the freedom to act without worry of whether or not someone's looming over our shoulders like the days of the Puritans. You have run us aground with the way you've decided to run things, using our money and resources to steer us into a mire that we have not found our way out of yet.

Either fix it or expect an all-out rebellion in the next five years. Just a hunch.

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