April 11, 2012

"Those in Power" and "Their System"

On Unification

by "Paradox"

As originally posted on: Revolution of the Mind
February 23, 2012

Unification is a dangerous thing to those in power. It is the reason why masters separated slaves according to color, size, and shade. This process created tension between the slaves, who saw that the lighter of skin you were, the better treatment you got from the masters. This made darker people hate lighter people, with side effects of that age still plaguing black people today. In a more modern sense, the people in power now do their best to distract us with possessions and things. Corporations continuously bombard us through television, print ads, radio, and the internet with reasons to hate each other, disguising them in superfluous items while pandering to our need to feel "special," "individual," and "exclusive." Falling into the cycle, we place our self-worth in things like money, gadgets, cars, clothes, hairstyles, and anything that we can cling to in order to feel better than other people. They teach us that our individuality stems from these things, and that without them, we would just be "regular."

However, these things are merely distractions from those other things that these corporations are doing in order to stay on top. For example, how are the old electronics that, say, Apple, HP, or Dell makes being disposed of? Do you think they're being processed, recycled, and used in new machines and gadgets? Nope. They're being shipped to places like China and Ghana, where people pick through the toxic chemicals for precious and semi-precious metals for large "recycling plants." Those people burn plastics, put their hands in acid baths, and inhale things like lead, cadmium, and other carcinogens. All of these risks and health hazards for $1 - $3 a day.

Another example of this comsumerism is the random prices of designer goods. Why is it this pair of shoes costs $180, but these only cost $50? Obviously, the $180 ones cost more to make, right? Not necessarily. A recent article reporting on Jordan sneakers reported that the average Jordan costs roughly $23 to make, with only $4 of that going to the worker assembling it. And if quality is your argument, consider this: I've been wearing a pair of hand-me-down Brahma brand boots for the past few months or so with nearly no visible wear or damage. Before that, I had a pair of Nike ACG boots. The ACGs fell apart in six months. So, what are you paying for, exactly? A name.

We are being programmed to fight against each other, use each other, and automatically create a caste system based on any arbitrary factor that we decide is relevant. Color, gender, sexual preference, race, economic division...all of these are manufactured by humans to keep one exclusive group above another. Only in these echelons do you see truly equal treatment of all, with everyone in the circle being given highly preferential treatment versus the unwashed mob. Why? They see us like a commodity, like cattle or slaves; the unseen gears of their constantly revolving comfort machine. We take the little bits of money we get from them, then gradually we recycle it back up to bigger businesses, who then redistribute it amongst themselves.

And the more we are divided, the easier it is for them to keep us doing exactly what they want us to do. Keep working, keep supporting their system, keep paying into their businesses, and die without making any waves. That's the fate those people who take advantage of others in order to make exponential gain want for us.

Don't allow them to control you. Watch where you spend your money, as well as what you spend it on. Grow your own vegetables, avoiding GMOs that are sprayed or engineered with poisons throughout them. If you must smoke, buy from Indian reservations or grow your own tobacco. Watch less television, do more activities, and support companies that don't use subversive means to get ahead of the competition and their consumers. Above all, free your mind from the binds that corporations, the government, and whoever else is in power use to keep you in check.

Every bit of control we wrestle back from the hands of our captors is a step towards true freedom.

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