December 26, 2012

On the Second Day of Cronyism . . . : The System

The following tweets were originally posted by "Anti-Corporations" on Twitter via "its" account (, variously, on July 26, 2012; December 12, 2012; December 14, 2012; December 15, 2012; December 16, 2012; December 19, 2012; December 20, 2012; December 21, 2012; December 22, 2012; December 23, 2012; December 25, 2012; and December 26, 2012.

Corporate interests are the driving forces of an extremely imperialistic foreign policy.

Corporations poison freedom by using their influence to financially control government policies.

Corporations bamboozle the populace through the financial and social control of politicians.

Corporations use campaign contributions to ensure that political success is only endowed upon traitorous individuals,who are easy to buy out

Corporate executives use bribes (lobbying), gifts, job promises, to completely subvert the agenda of government officials.

The media is owned by the wealthy, thus, the worldview that it propagates serves the political and economical interests of the wealthy.

Corporate executives often take political officials out to dinner at expensive restaurants to show them 'the life'.

Corporations lobby governments to start wars simply to move their merchandise: bombs, missiles, bombers, guns, grenades, cluster bombs.

Corporations and governments jointly misrule the people; they both seek more profits, taxes, and power over the populace.

Corporate bailouts prove that the politicians have given up all power to the Wall Street bankers.

Corporations use the US military to expand their global economical control.

Corporations and governments have become one and the same thing; they both represent the interests of the capitalist class.

Arms corporations lobby governments around the world to start wars; Lockheed Martin lobbied for the Iraq invasion.

Corporations poison democracy by using lobbying to categorically control the policies of public officials.

Corporations use lobbying to turn social policy into a sickly expression of corporate desires.

Corporations bamboozle the public out of political freedom by corrupting and buying out politicians.

Corporations poison democracy through obscene bribing (lobbying) of political parties and officials.

Corporations poison democracy by bribing officials into starting wars.

Corporations and governments are no longer separate; many government officials serve on corporate boards and vice versa.

Corporations have seized control of the political process by ensuring that all political campaigns are heavily financed.

Arms corporations push weapons onto the third world, to encourage extremely profitable conflicts.

Governments that bailout corporations are nothing but puppets to the vain ambitions of the fascist banker class.

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