December 23, 2012

"The Consumerist-Society"

The following tweets were originally posted by "Anti Consumerism" on Twitter via "its" account (, variously, on December 18, 2012; December 19, 2012; December 20, 2012; December 21, 2012; December 22, 2012; and December 23, 2012.

Mass consumption is mass destruction because it allows the ruling class to maintain its rule on a sheepish populace.

Consumerism is used by the ruling class to turn human beings into free, walking, talking, advertisements for brands and stuff.

The citizen becomes the wage-slave when he chooses hedonistic consumer-pleasures over political freedom.

Consumerism is self-destructive because it literally wants to destroy human beings and turn them into consumer-zombies.

Consumerism is used to control the populace by building a culture in which objects are worshipped by living organisms.

Consumerism captures people's psychology by keeping citizens as infantile and needy as possible.

The Consumerist-Society is spiritually dead because it destroys people's abilities to relate to each other outside of consumptive terms.

Consumerism tampers with human emotions by devouring a citizen's ability to see their lives outside the value of consumption.

Consumerism is used to empower the fascist business class by turning citizens into consumption-addicts and wage-slaves.

Consumerism is used to control the populace by creating safe, politically neutered dreams, for citizens.

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