December 21, 2012

The System


by Billy Talen

As originally posted on: Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping
November 28, 2012

Children, we are all of us shopping sinners. Each of us is walking around in a swirl of gas & oil, plastics & foil. We are not evil people, but somehow we allowed the Lords of Consumption to organize us into mobs that buy & dispose, suck fructose & pull triggers.

Yes, the Rapture of the Final Consumption, the Shopture, is underway. The fundamentalist consumers are lifted up into the air, to the Supermall of Eternal Convenience, where there are thousands of big boxes & chain stores above the clouds.

Stadium-sized crowds of the Saved are SHOPTURED UP into a staggering array of discount opportunities. But then some of us hesitate. We hold onto the trees with roots in the ground. We live in sinful, poor towns - Sodom, Pennsylvania and Gomorrah, Michigan - where money dies but local sex thrives, the waste-stream becomes an art form and then a big garden that feeds a generation with Zen Buddhist large intestines, where manufacturing plants have long lunches with baffling performance art, where executives are spanked and then released into years of bird-watching rehab.

Yes - We choose to stay down on the ground. We don't want to be the Chosen People. We have AN UNEASY FEELING ABOUT BEING

SAVED. We vaguely recall that Heaven kills. We would rather be bad for jobs. We want to turn Wall Street and its cops into ONE BIG WILY COYOTE - running off the cliff but only dying to themselves. Yes we will stay down here, thank you. We will face the Hell-fire of being Human.

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