December 06, 2012

The System

The following tweets were originally posted by "Texts To My Boss" on Twitter via "its" account (, variously, on November 25, 2012; November 26, 2012; November 27, 2012; November 29, 2012; November 30, 2012; December 1, 2012; December 3, 2012; December 4, 2012; December 5, 2012; and December 6, 2012.

Once you realize that your corporate bosses are you social masters, it becomes difficult to be productive for them.

You want me to like corporations when I am their prisoner for 45 years? You're fucking insane.

I am not going to sit here and pretend that the corrupt capitalists are fucking national heroes. Fuck them all, a bunch of thieves.

Fuck the upper class. Fuck the privileged elites. Fuck the corporate henchmen. Fuck all aspects of capitalist society.

Your boss is your enemy. There is no evading this simple yet revolutionary fact.

No one is more corrupt than the fascist corporate class.

Fuck the corporation. It is not 'my' corporation. It is owned by capitalists and controlled by the corporate henchmen.

I hate dumb worker who say 'my company'. It's not your company you fucking idiots, you're just the wage-slaves.

I hate my job, I hate my boss, I hate the corporation I work for, I hate all corporations.

The corporate bosses are pieces of shit. I fucking hate how stupid they are, how ignorant and socially insensitive they can be.

The corporation is your enemy. It is the enemy of humanity. Do not ever be happy with your corporate job.

I am sick and tired of people talking about how the pigs create jobs. You know what pigs create? Shit. Shit. Shit.

The only thing that the capitalist pigs create is a shitty reality for us all.

The guy is a fascist piece of shit who gets high on power.

Do you ever just want to spit on your boss for being suck an inhumane piece of shit?

Fuck the corporate class. Fuck the enemy class. Fuck the capitalists. Fuck their future forecasts and fake economic growth.

We have to build a sense of political cohesion. We can't let the corporate pieces of shit continue to make us feel alienated.

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