December 11, 2012

"The Whole System"

The following tweets were originally posted by "Texts To My Boss" on Twitter via "its" account (, variously, on November 21, 2012; November 22, 2012; November 23, 2012; November 24, 2012; November 25, 2012; November 27, 2012; November 28, 2012; November 29, 2012; November 30, 2012; December 1, 2012; December 2, 2012; December 3, 2012; December 4, 2012; December 5, 2012; December 6, 2012; December 7, 2012; December 8, 2012; December 9, 2012; December 10, 2012; and December 11, 2012.

The corporate bosses are completely useless, their job is merely to supervise and make sure we don't seize the means of production.

The corporation is designed to exploit. It's a machine that allows the capitalists to exploit workers from a safe distance.

Our fear of the corporate bosses is the only power they have over us. We must abolish this fear.

They are weak human beings who preach competition while using their capital to establish monopolies.

It's not that I'm lazy, it's just corporate jobs are terrible, I am exposed to constant mental bullying.

He is an idiot. I will reiterate it again and again the corporate class is a bunch of fucking idiots.

The harder you work the richer the capitalists will get. You'll be poor either way so why bother yourself.

I am telling you man, if we stay silent corporate power will keep growing, it's up to us to start fighting it.

You know why your boss has a job right? His job is to fucking terrorize you, to make you afraid to self-organize.

Fuck the upper class, fuck the corporate class, fuck the elitist technocrats.

You know what, I figured it out, the corporation is a vampire, the less human you are the higher you go up its chain.

These idiot bosses have got to stop pretending that the system is all and well. Fuck them and fuck the capitalist system.

It's like there's an idiot gene and every single boss is endowed with it.

I am not lazy. I simply hate a system that uses fear-of-hunger to bully me into giving up my labor.

Fuck private property and fuck the corporations for being privately owned.

He's nothing but an infantile idiot who needs to boss people around to feel good about himself.

I am not lazy. I simply despise my employer, my bosses, the system.

A productive corporate worker is a brainwashed citizen. Productivity equals more power to the capitalists.

The corporation is a miserable institution. There's no ifs or buts about it.

When I work hard to profit the corporate masters I feel like I'm betraying myself. Take it easy, relax, fuck their profits.

I hate my boss. I hate my job. I hate the idea that this all there is to my existence. Viva la revolution!

How many bosses does it take to run a corporation? 'The only thing they know how to run is their fucking mouths'.

Fuck the whole system. Fuck the capitalist fiends. Fuck these cocaine-addicted billionaire banker robbers.

I am not lazy. I simply despise the idea of selling my productive labor to my enemy.

The capitalist system is a disease. It's parasitic. It's inhumane. We're its victims.

Fuck the corporation. Fuck the corporate bosses. Do not let them lull you to sleep with their hypocritical team-work rhetoric.

I am not lazy. I simply despise the corporation and I refuse to give it my productive labor.

If you want to be promoted just act really dumb and pretend to worship the corporation. Fuck that.

The capitalists are sick fucks who are so delusional as to think that stealing the globe's resources makes them better than everyone else.

Corporations suck. They destroy life. They destroy human value. They fetishize capital.

To be afraid of your boss is to be afraid of life. You can't be afraid of the pieces of shit, they're mentally dead.

He is an idiot. He is weak. He would not be able to survive a day without his position of power.

I am not lazy. I simply despise the capitalist system and my idiotic employers.

Fuck the upper class, fuck the cage-keepers, it's time for us all to rise, to break out of our corporate prisons.

Really, it's utterly miserable leading a life where you have to be bossed around by an idiot from 9-5.

My boss is an idiot and he bullies everyone around him. Do you know how awful it is to be bullied by an idiot?

We have to confront our misery. We can't continue to escape it. The capitalist system stinks and the capitalists are our enemies.

My job is absolutely the worst job in the world. Fuck capitalism.

He thinks he's important but he's so dumb that he can't see how his importance is dependent on the worship of diseased corporate ideals.

We're slaves man, I'm telling you, we're nothing but slaves. We're farmed wage-slaves producing profits for the pigs.

Corporations are evil man, I'm telling you, they're instruments designed to suck the blood of everything around them.

We are not politically free. We are not economically free. We are the slaves of the capitalists. They farm us like fucking animals.

We can't be afraid of them. We can't be afraid of the pigs. Their power over us is strictly psychological.

We get paid pennies which the bankers collect right back. They rob the planet, they rob the masses. Rise motherfucker rise!

The establishment is broken. The system is fucked up. We get paid pennies while they swallow the planet's wealth.

The corporate bosses are pieces of shit. The economy reeks of corruption. The system is falling apart.

He thinks he's special in every way but he's nothing but a warped piece of shit.

There's nothing dumber than those idiots whose whole life is predicated on careerist aspirations.

No he is not 'human too'. He is a piece of shit boss who thrives on the psychological destruction of workers, nothing human about that.

Why do you treat your enemies kindly? Why do you worship your corporate bosses? Wake up and join the revolution.

What do you call someone who specializes in bullying human beings for 50 years? 'A piece of shit corporate boss'.

The guy is a fucking bully, he gets a sexual thrill from bullying his staff.

The capitalist system is the enemy of everything human. It is an economical system predicated on the destruction of life.

Working for a corporation is like working for a bunch of fascist devils.

The capitalist system is parasitic. It is vampiric. It is predicated on the destruction of all human values.

Corporate bosses are idiots.

The corporate bosses are very idiotic. They're exactly like the Nazi henchmen who only knew how to bully others.

Our leaders, our CEOs, our bankers are all criminals. International fucking criminal who are starving 20 million people to death each year.

The higher you go up the corporate chain the less humane you become. Why would anyone want to be promoted?

The dumber you are the higher you will go on the corporate ladder, which makes the CEO really really fucking stupid.

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