January 10, 2013

"All Forms of Power"

The following tweets were originally posted by "Texts To My Boss" on Twitter via "its" account (https://twitter.com/TextsToMyBoss), variously, on November 20, 2012; November 25, 2012; November 26, 2012; November 28, 2012; December 1, 2012; December 3, 2012; December 4, 2012; December 6, 2012; December 7, 2012; December 9, 2012; December 10, 2012; December 12, 2012; December 15, 2012; December 16, 2012; and January 9, 2013.

The goal is to subvert every single corporation, the entire corporate class without exception.

Fuck the capitalists. Fuck their luxuries. Fuck their fancy lives. Fuck their exploitive systems.

I am not lazy. I simply refuse to make profits for my enemy class.

The pay is so little it makes you wonder how anyone can be emotionally attached to these fucking stupid jobs.

Remember that guy that got fired from IT? I ran into him, he said living on social assistance is politically subversive.

Long live the people! Long live the workers! Death to the labor camps known as capitalist corporations!

I will not die a wage-slave. I will not spend another 4 decades as a wage-slave. I will rise up, I will stand up, I will become the cause.

The corporation for its workers! Collectives! Revolutions! Communes! Nothing more brilliant than that.

My boss thinks I'm scared he'll fire me. He's an idiot, I have no problem going on social assistance.

Fuck the upper class. Fuck the capitalist pigs. Fuck the system. Fuck the petty wages they throw at us.

The corporation is a social cancer. Don't empower it through your productivity. Be very, so very, unproductive.

The other day I made a killing shorting my company's stock. Crash, burn, crash. Fuck the whole capitalist system.

Overthrowing capitalism will require people's collectives to overthrow thousands of corporate management teams.

Why do you aspire to succeed in the piece of shit corporation? You should be trying to revolt against the whole corporate structure.

Until we are ready to claim the corporation as ours, as collectives, we will remain historically exploited wage-slaves.

Short capitalism my friend. Short the company you work for. It's a thrilling feeling, stabbing the enemy class right in the fucking back.

My boss is an idiot. We have to be able to organize ourselves to revolt against a bunch of idiots.

We must subvert power, all forms of power. We must subvert the corporate class, our bosses, our sick rulers.

We need a revolution to destroy the power-base of the managerial class.

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