January 05, 2013

On the Twelfth Day of Cronyism . . . : The System

The following tweets were originally posted by "Anti War" on Twitter via "its" account (https://twitter.com/_AntiWar_), variously, on October 17, 2012; December 9, 2012; December 10, 2012; December 11, 2012; December 13, 2012; December 14, 2012; December 15, 2012; December 16, 2012; December 17, 2012; December 18, 2012; December 20, 2012; December 21, 2012; December 22, 2012; December 23, 2012; December 24, 2012; December 25, 2012; December 26, 2012; December 27, 2012; December 28, 2012; December 29, 2012; December 30, 2012; December 31, 2012; January 1, 2013; January 2, 2013; January 3, 2013; and January 5, 2013.

War profits defenders of state violence.

Our economy has become a permanent war economy, we are in a constant state of overproduction desperately in need of military consumption.

The rich destroy our earth in pursuit of more riches, they plunder poor third world villages in search of more natural resources.

'Support Our Troops' is a euphemism for support the military conquests and economic imperialism of the rich.

The lucrative war business is always lobbying government to start new wars, in order to guarantee its stock investors future profits.

War forces soldiers to serve as gangsters for bankers and capitalists.

Wars are not caused by limited resources, they are caused by greed, by the ever vivid desire of capitalists for more more more.

War is murder incorporated.

Colonialism has been replaced with military hegemony and economic imperialism.

In war the blood of the people is transformed into cash in the hands of military contractors.

War is the rich profiting from the destruction of the earth

Military contractors are never hurt or damaged in war, in fact, companies like Lockheed Martin walk out richer than ever from deadly wars.

War is the need of the rich to maintain power and wreaking havoc and misery on our lives.

The wealthy utilize the military to force others to comply with their ruling doctrine no matter how many massacres it takes.

Cheney's link to Halliburton and Bush's link to the Carlyle group are examples of politicians aligned with warmongering corporations.

The outbreak of war is necessary to increase profits for large investors, shareholders and corporate executives.

Heavy industry corporations crave war because it provides them with insane levels of funding an contracts from 'our' governments.

The main people who benefited after September 11 were defense contractors, who made trillions of dollars.

Defense contractors lobby for an imperialist foreign policy because that's what profits them and their companies.

Powerful Corporations determine our foreign policy to suit their interests.

Powerful corporations spend billions a year hiring lobbyists to influence Congress to go to war.

We must stop CEOS and executives from enforcing the murderous foreign policy that profits their corporations.

Military Contractors make a living by sending poor soldiers to die.

Senator Dianne Feinstein voted to let Bush invade Iraq; her husband is now raking in millions in military contracts for his company Perini.

7 shareholders in Northrop Grumman (weapon manufacturer), held positions in the warring Bush Administration.

It is the responsibility of every taxpaying American to condemn relationships between the government and warmongering corporations.

It is time to put a stop in the corruption of foreign policy created with the business interests of major corporations.

Democrat and Republican politicians alike draft their pro war stance to suit corporate interests.

Policymaking is controlled by the arms lobby.

Lockheed Martin spends millions each year lobbying the US congress to oil the military machine with more funding.

Two days after bombing in Afghanistan began; Northrop Grumman's stock had reached a three-year high of $107.60 a share on NYSE.

The bankers profit from every war and every intervention, because they ironically enough finance all that destruction.

It is absurd that bankers are allowed to finance destruction and the building of military machines that thrive on murder.

The bankers finance war by allowing our governments to borrow money from them at high interest rates.

Boeing is second on list of top federal contractors totaling over $25 billion a year; $25 billion to profit from death and destruction.

Dictators will be supported by the rich as long as they comply financially with the world imperialist order.

Expansion of imperialist power comes under the guise of military or economic assistance.

War profits the rich the most, and you are conditioned by their propaganda to tolerate and justify their wicked murders.

War propaganda manipulates us into intensifying genocide as the capitalists rake profits.

War creates legal, hired gun-slingers for defense contractors and bankers.

The war machine operates criminally to uphold the rich's ownership of the world.

The military machine retains its hegemony everywhere to secure the billionaire's stolen resources.

War is the effort of defense contractors to conjure up excuses to increase profits.

War is sickness that promotes ethnic cleansing for the sake of retaining the wealth of the elite.

War revives dying economies; WWII brought the US out of the great depression.

War is state sponsored death, and every single promotion of it we see is brought to you the corporate war profiteer.

Don't fight the wars of the rich, vigorously denounce all state sponsored violence.

Soldiers are poor citizens who are used as tools to implement the greedy, violent, intention of the rich.

Rich boys don't become soldiers; they inherit the wealth plundered from wars.

Every war profits someone, mass deaths of people wouldn't be promoted if there was no financially gain.

Billionaires love war and accuse you of being unpatriotic if you dare be unsupportive of their bloodshed.

The military only protects the interests of the already rich.

War is profit driven, rationalized bloody aggression.

War profits a quarter of senators and congressmen who have invested in companies doing business with the department of defense.

War is a violent machine built to hack down innocent lives so the rich can continually rake proceeds.

Military product endorsements are in pro wrestling, fishing, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, using our tax money to advertise war.

It is time to fight against billionaire murderers who brutally invade for economic objectives.

War is the effort of billionaires' lobbyists, raping and killing us while advocating the depletion of our resources.

Lockheed Martin makes war an annual 50billion dollar business, being the largest military contractor.

Bankers finance wars and deliberately fund hate propaganda through the media.

War revives dying economies; many times the real purpose of going to war is to fluff up the stock market.

War is about survival of the savage billionaires' greedy quest to control the whole world.

Don't fight the wars of the rich, they are thieves too cowardly to fight their own battles.

War is systematic violence aiming at securing the stability of corporate sponsored oppression.

Every war profits someone; someone sick and disgusting who is more than happy to receive blood money.

Only the sick crave war and blood in exchange for money.

War is a murderous machine programmed by profiteers to rob and steal resources.

The military only protects the interests of the plunderers of the earth.

War is always about the continuity of the international corporate hegemony and nothing else.

Capitalist society demands wars, internally and externally.

So long as capitalism thrives, war will thrive.

Capitalism is a disease and this disease manifests itself more clearly in the ascension of the fascist war machine.

Generals and commanders, corporate CEO's and billionaire henchmen, are all extension of the war machine.

Every single hour, the ruling elites, the rich, and their media puppets launch wars on our minds and visions.

We cannot end the wars abroad; we cannot halt the war machine, until we defeat the enemy class at home.

Capitalism is war.

The history of capitalism is the history of war and exploitation.

Warfare is merely the final stage in the desperation of the ruling elites to maintain power and profits.

Do not allow the billionaires to brainwash you into fighting in their wars.

Always remember, that while soldiers fight abroad, the billionaires who sell weapons are still on their yachts.

Soldiers are citizens who have fallen prey to the sick demands of the ruling class.

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