January 16, 2013

The System

How to Bypass Region-Blocked Streaming Content Online for Free with Tunlr

by Nelson Aguilar

As originally posted on: Null Byte
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For people that live outside of the United States, how many times has this happened when surfing through U.S. streaming services?

If you're outside of the U.S. market and want to stream stateside services like Hulu, MTV, CBS, Pandora, and others—you're in luck. Tunlr is an application that re-addresses certain data envelopes, tricking the receiver into thinking the data originated from within the U.S. by using its own DNS server's IP address. You can even watch some non-US shows stateside, like BBC, iTV, and Zattoo.

The application is free to use and and can be used without having to download any software. Tunlr also streams in HD quality and is available on Windows , Linux and Mac and can be used on your Android device, iPhone, iPad, and even your Apple TV, Xbox 360,

and PlayStation 3 (though only for Hulu). Just go to their Get Started page to, well, get started.

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