January 22, 2013

The System

The following tweets were originally posted by "Texts To My Boss" on Twitter via "its" account (https://twitter.com/TextsToMyBoss), variously, on November 20, 2012; November 30, 2012; December 8, 2013; December 13, 2012; December 15, 2012; January 13, 2013; January 21, 2013; and January 22, 2013.

If we organized ourselves efficiently we'd be able to take over the corporation in days.

Office workers must be agitated through a systematic effort to expose the international crime known as capitalist corporations.

We can easily takeover the corporation. I have no doubt in my mind that an organized working-class can take over.

I am telling you the first thing we have to do is expose and ostracize the office snitches.

The corporation will die without the workers but it will thrive without management. Time to overthrow the pigs.

We workers should fire all the bosses by starting a revolution.

Once they fire me, I'll go on social assistance, spend my days mobilizing others and writing agitational literature.

We must challenge the authority of the corporate class. We must show these fucking fascists that their power is illusionary.

I'm glad you finally agree that self-organization is the only way for workers to crush the corporate pigs.

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