January 24, 2013

The System

The following tweets were originally posted by "Anti-Academics" on Twitter via its account (https://twitter.com/AntiAcademics), variously, on December 15, 2012; December 16, 2012; December 18, 2012; December 21, 2012; December 23, 2012; December 24, 2012; December 25, 2012; December 27, 2012; December 30, 2012; and January 2, 2013.

Academics will betray any political ideology in order to keep their lush positions.

Academics are masochistic creatures who cannot create anything without the bones that the capitalist masters throw at them.

Academics are egotistical idiots who thrive on praise like the good little upper class dogs that they are.

Academics are intellectual prostitutes who happily service their capitalist paymasters.

Academics are egotistical idiots who pride themselves on idiotic accolades.

Academics are stuck in ivory towers; they're well-caged, well-kept, intellectual pets.

Academics are inherently materialistic people whose goals are extremely shallow and selfish.

Academics thrive on intellectual vanity; this is why it's very easy for the capitalists to control their social goals.

Academics are egotistical idiots who see the world through the lens of sickening personal ambitions.

Academics are masochistic creatures who cannot intellectually thrive without the capitalist masters looking down upon them.

Academics are foolish people who thrive on an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

Academics are intellectually sterile individuals whose minds are stuffy, whose visions are cloudy, whose aspirations are traitorous.

Academics are idiotic fools who have betrayed their consciousness for the sake of petty indulgences.

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