January 22, 2013

The System

The following tweets were originally posted by "Hmei7" on Twitter via "its" account (https://twitter.com/officialHmei7) on January 22, 2013.

Fuck Fakers!

Hacked: windlawafc.co.uk by @LulzPirate UK is fucked now!!!!!

OUCH!!!!!!! pastebin.com/nGhtk1hm ;-)

Hacked: gtflooring.org.uk FUCK @NaziGods !!!!

ATTENTION! Go here: broadchalkehall.co.uk/UGAYS.php and spam @NaziGods email address!!!!!

10,000 spam emails!!!!! Sent to @NaziGods email via @Zeattacker!!!! :-D Proof: pic.twitter.com/90UMcAkZ ;-)

Hacked: treasuresfromthesilkroad.co.uk FUCK NAZIGODS!!!!! ;-)

OVER 18,000+ spam messaged have been sent to @NaziGods via @Zeattacker Proof: pic.twitter.com/2dh4UoYd ;-)

100 spam email sent to @NaziGods via @idrees87kr Proof: pic.twitter.com/s5uXLAvI nice!!! :-D

500 spam emails sent to @NaziGods via @ricardopenayo Proof: pic.twitter.com/MuDPAR8Z :-D

10,000 spam emails sent to @NaziGods via @LukeJCarry Proof: pic.twitter.com/p6OTrq7r :-D

So much ownage!!! :-D

I love how everyone is spamming @NaziGods email address! :-D

If you want to spam @NaziGods email address, here is your chance: broadchalkehall.co.uk/UGAYS.php :-D

48,000+ spam emails sent to @NaziGods via @Wxlshy Proof: pic.twitter.com/AghcjRQ5 !!! :-D

HACKED: lucy-bentley.co.uk FUCK @NaziGods !!!! ;-)

LOL that niggas inbox probably blowing up! ;-D

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