February 20, 2013

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Secession: What’s In It For Me?

by Russell D. Longcore

As originally posted on: DumpDC
December 11, 2012

The phrase “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM) is on all our minds on a daily basis. And the sooner an individual understands “What’s In It For Me?” as related to secession, the sooner that individual will heartily support state sovereignty and leaving the United States of America.

WIIFM is normal human behavior. We are all designed to be “me-minded.” The baby in the womb takes whatever it needs from the mother’s body. After the baby is born, it spends all its waking hours communicating its needs to the world. Only as a child grows up can it learn to be others-minded. But each of us still looks at the world every day through our WIIFM glasses.

The essence of free enterprise and capitalism is WIIFM. It is the motivator that drives nearly all human activity. Every time you consider whether to buy or sell something, you consciously or unconsciously use WIIFM. Even when someone asks you for a favor, you think “WIIFM.”

Let’s look at a few reasons that a regular American should become a secessionist. I am going to use The Free Republic Of North America, the new nation I am inventing, as the perfect model of secession. Perhaps the state or states that actually DO secede won’t be perfect, but if they don’t get the following perfect, it won’t be much different than the government we already have in DC.

The entire “raison d’être” of FRONA is to protect Unalienable Rights. That French term means “reason to exist.” Do not confuse that term with another French term…“raison d’état”…which means “for the good of the State.” FRONA has been created to preserve and protect individual liberty and property rights. That means the good of the State is subordinate to the good of the individual. Simply said, people first, government last. And more importantly…It’s ALL about the MONEY.

1. Money: FRONA does not have a national money per se. The FRONA Charter only states that coinage minted and utilized in FRONA will have the weight and fineness displayed on the coin, but no value such as “Five Dollars” or “Twenty Dollars.” That sentence is basically FRONA’s monetary policy. Why no value? Because in FRONA, money is a WEIGHT of precious metal as it was meant to be. The FRONA Charter does not prohibit the State from minting coins, but the State’s coins would be subject to the free market just like any and all other producers of precious metal money. Private mints will create coins in various denominations in silver, gold, platinum and copper. The free market will decide the value of all coins and which coins will be the most popular for daily commerce. In all likelihood, the most popular form of money in FRONA will be digital money used with a debit card. But real hard money has to be in the account for the debit card to work. “What’s In It For Me?” Precious metals money means that inflation CANNOT OCCUR in FRONA. Your money will ALWAYS have steady purchasing power. There is no other nation on the planet that can say this, for all the rest of the nations of the world operate in the fiat money system, and all other nations’ currencies lose value through inflation.

2. No Fractional Reserve banking. That means all banks in FRONA are prohibited from creating money out of thin air. In the current world money system, ALL money is a debt instrument. When a bank creates a loan from nothing, they are creating money, and that is counterfeiting. The penalty for counterfeiting in FRONA is death. The banks may only loan their own assets at interest. Further, the FRONA Charter prohibits FRONA from establishing a central bank. The only reason that a central bank exists is to manipulate the national money for “raison d’état,” the benefit of the State. And without a national fiat money and legal tender laws, there is nothing for a central bank to do. Central banking relies upon fiat money and fractional reserve banking to exist. “What’s In It For Me?” Banks will be required to operate without counterfeiting under FRONA law, which means they operate for the benefit of the individual. This will mean that no created credit will be available. At the same time this is occurring, the wealth of the world will POUR into FRONA seeking safety and ROI. There will be enormous wealth available for loans and investment, but creditworthiness will once again be supreme as the free market decides who gets the best interest rates in credit and investment.

3. Jobs and Job Security: Because FRONA is awash with the wealth of the world seeking a return on investment, entrepreneurship will explode like nothing ever seen before. Business creation through capital investment means job creation. FRONA will be desperate for skilled AND unskilled workers, and the cream of the world’s workers will compete for jobs in FRONA. Huge demand for skilled labor means wages rise. “What’s In It For Me?” Jobs, jobs, jobs. And if you start a business, your chances of success are greatly enhanced simply by the FRONA inflation-free money.

4. Low Prices: As mentioned before, the money in FRONA cannot be inflated, and as such, will naturally seek its highest value. The WIIFM about precious metals money and no inflation is that over time, prices for ALL goods and services will PLUMMET as compared with other nations such as the USA, as inflation would be wrung out of the economy. Imagine oil prices at ONE OUNCE of silver a barrel ($25 USD), and gas prices at 0.01 OUNCE of silver a gallon (25 cents USD). Remember, FRONA money is WEIGHT, not value. If you’re old enough, think back to what prices were like back in the 1960s.

5. Taxation in FRONA: In FRONA, there is no income tax, no value added tax, no flat tax, no tariffs, no duties, no property taxes, no estate taxes, etc. There is only ONE tax in The Free Republic of North America. That is the 10% sales tax applied to all commercial transactions. That means that every individual that spends money in FRONA pays a 10% national sales tax…the poor and the wealthy alike. That means that citizen and visitor alike pay the sales tax. Please understand that transactions between individuals, like at garage sales, swap meets, and such, will not be subject to the sales tax. Also understand that the FRONA government uses that single source of tax revenue to pay for ALL government functions, down to the local dogcatcher. “What’s In It For Me?” No payroll deductions. You get a check for 100% of your earnings. As a business owner, you get 100% of your profit. Only when you make a purchase do you incur a tax. There is NO TAXATION on investments or your return on investment. Your wealth accumulates tax-free. No need for IRAs etc in FRONA. No tax shelters needed.

6. Less Regulation: FRONA begins with a new Charter. The US Constitution has no relevance in a single sovereign nation, and is not used as a template. The existing state Constitution must be entirely rewritten to reflect its national sovereignty. It does not adopt the endless regulations imposed upon Americans now. ALL of the three-letter departments that make our lives miserable are GONE…replaced by NOTHING. No more tags on pillows. No more EPA regulations on auto manufacturers. No more OSHA regs on businesses. No more FDA protecting Big Pharma. No more USDA protecting Big Farming. No more DOE regulating energy producers, preventing drilling, prohibiting refineries, and preventing construction of nuclear power plants. No Homeland Security groping your wives and daughters at the airport. No more corrupt regulators PERIOD. “What’s In It For Me?” Prices of ALL goods and services made in FRONA will drop instantly, and less regulation will be VISIBLY NOTICEABLE.

7. More Individual Liberty: Imagine your life if your money never inflated…your paycheck had no deductions…ALL of your expenses dropped…jobs were plentiful at good wages…and there were less bureaucrats telling you what to do every day. Imagine living in a nation where there were no government welfare programs, so the people who wanted to live off the State either had to get jobs to support themselves or they had to move out of FRONA. Imagine a booming economy that was not based in a bubble, but was based in hard money, low taxation and maximum individual liberty.

“What’s In It For Me?” Liberty like you have never experienced in your lifetime, no matter how old you are today.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it CAN be true if people BELIEVE that a nation like this CAN exist. Just because it does not presently exist does not mean it cannot. On the contrary. The world is desperate for an answer to the present failing world financial system. The demand is planetary. The supply need only be in one new nation on the North American continent. Once the first states secedes and gets it right, that will open the floodgates for the others and will mean the end of the United States of America.

Secession is the hope for humanity. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That WILL Change History.

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